Silver Pigeon Scooter update

I have two small updates on Silver Pigeon related news, which will only matter to the handful of us that actually own these scooters, and the smaller percentage of even that small amount that actually visits my goofy blog.

So has been retired and I’ve rolled the site into this place to keep everything in one spot. You can now find all the old Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon stuff at There are links at the top of this page and side as well.


I’ve also started working on my old C-75 Pigeon since I got sick of seeing it parked in the back of the barn as a pile of sheet metal. Since its motor did not like to run, but begrudgingly would, and its cvt clutch was MIA and the remainder butchered, I had some time ago decided to replace it all with something more reliable. This ended up getting over involved and complicated, and then stalled out when progress forward needed my buddy to machine a bunch of custom parts.

So its pushing forward now but I’m doing things much differently. Things are going to be simpler, with only a custom gas tank/engine mount getting in the way. The rest of the parts should be mostly off the shelf stuff in case anyone else out there would like to repower their scooter in a similar method.

So what its getting now is a Honda Gx200 clone motor with a Comet Torq-a-verter clutch setup. through the helpfulness of the custom gas tank/motor mount I welded up the motor should line its sprocket up with the rear. Its not perfect but given the space restraints it was the best I could manage. I have more parts on the way, so we will see how this works out. The electric start/charge system is going to be a pain in the rear. If you plan on going this route consider spending a bit more money and getting a motor with a starter or 7 amp charge coil on it already, or both if you can somehow spot that unicorn in the wild. More updates soon.


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