One piece at a time

Its been kind of quiet on the old interweb site due to not having much to write about. But today I’ve started a new project that I’m kind of excited about, and I think its going to be really cool. I was inspired by Johnny Cash’s “One piece at a time” and that awesome psychobilly cadillac. If you haven’t seen that car you are missing out.

So here’s the plan. Honda XR75s are awesome little mini bikes. My buddy has one and my Dad just picked one up. After looking around at the ones on ebay they seem a little out of my price range for something that’s basically an expensive toy. To get around this I will try building up a XR75 from nothing, buying odd bits of Honda’s that have passed on to the scrap yard. I will also be doing everything I can to keep the cost down on this build. Kicking this project off is a set of front forks and triple clamps from a 2003 Honda XR100. From what I have read they will fit a 75 frame but to be honest I have my doubts. But that’s what welders and sawzalls are for right?

So not bad for $26 bucks, shipping was only $19. So lets hope this ends up looking like the picture below and not horribly deformed Honda mutant.

I can’t shake the thought of a┬áleaking, smoking, gangley looking bastard child of 25 years of Honda products coming from this. Best not to think about some things. Onwards and upwards!