Angry Compaq is angry

I don’t know why I keep putting faces on things, maybe its a disorder. Oh well.

Since I don’t have anything else of value to put here, lets look at a sad Mac Book. It would not start, flat dead.

I fiddled with its battery and then decided to check the Ram. The first stick that popped out of the slot looked all funky with white stuff on it.

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Turned out that someone had coated the end of it in thermal paste, I don’t know why but they did. Ram does not like thermal paste smeared over it like cheese on a cracker, contrary to popular beliefs.

After the nasty stick was removed the Mac was all happy and like “Watch me chime and boot cause I don’t have a bunch of crap shoved in my Ram slot”


Some Random Crap

So here we have some new stuff. This may be a future Woot shirt, not sure all depends. Its a big Tree Monster, I thought of it in that half awake stage you get when your just waking up and everything is still kind of out of wack. Kind of looks like a plata-tree.

Heres a Dell I worked on that was being tarted. Would boot and run stuff, but no Windows starty. After popping the side off it I found out that there were 4 burst capacitors, AND WALDO! I caught that punk.

And here is a picture of my shrimpers in their natural habitat on the Great Steel Desk Reef. Look at those crazy little buggers.

Thats all for Thursday 😛