This site started out in 2005 and chugged along with random updates from time to time. Then when trying to transfer the domain from Yahoo’s cold clamy hands they decided to eat the sql database. With that gone, so are all the posts, comments, users, and pretty much all of the things that made the site what it was. And who am I? Well my name is Chris. I’ve never been good at introductions or describing myself due too the fact that I’m shy and socially retarded at times. I like technology and art and see the two as intertwined and enjoy bringing back obscure broken things into working condition. Not really into restoring things, but just getting them back running gives me the most satisfaction. To that end I have a couple of old Silver Pigeons that I brought back from the dead that I think are really cool.

Don’t know what else to put here, keep the rubber side down.


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  1. Hi Chris – I recently acquired an old Silver Pigeon. It is missing a few things. The main missing piece is the drive shaft that sits behind the motor, that links to the clutch. Do you have any idea where I could find that?
    Thanks for your time.

  2. Sorry about the delayed response Dan, I sometimes ignore the comments that are pending approval due to the amount of spam the site gets. That jack shaft that bolts on the back of the motor is something I dont have any extras of, but its very simple and would be easy to build. Mostly you would just need a Comet Clutch secondary (if your main clutch is a belt clutch) and then a set of bearings and a shaft. TSC would have most of the shaft and bearing bits, tricky part would be getting ordering the correct secondary. But with a bit of work you should be able to get it together. Good luck.

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