Fixing bent cpu pins. Bent pins!

This poor Amd Sempron was mashed into its socket like a potato in a fry slicer by a deranged customer. To fix this type of damage you can get a credit card/id card and a small flat head screwdriver. Use the card as a gauge to make sure you bent the pins back in place by running it back and forth across the rows of pins. Not sure why I’m explaining this here, but there ya go.

Oh and check out this crazy Pentium II heatsink. It looks like it belongs on the end of a club.


Elephants Love to Fly

They really do.

Vote Vote Vote!

Also! I added a page to the site called Designs that will now house all these little shirt doodles in one nice spot, along with anything else that fits into that category. Links on the top left corner under about. And as an added bonus, from this point forward I’m going to be tacking on my sketches with the music I was listening too when I made the designs. Kind of like a small window into my thought process, which at most times is a horrible mangled mess of randomness.

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