Silver Pigeon gets a transplant

Over the weekend Chad and Jeff were nice enough to lend a hand at giving my tired old C-73 Silver Pigeon a new lease on life. There was a massive close out sale at Harbor Freight on the “Gray Hound” engine they carry, which is really just a Lifan with stickers and blue paint. The little Liffan 6.5 motor is in turn just a clone of a Honda gx200. So I picked up two for $60 bucks a pop.

Two years ago my little Honda z50 got a Lifan 75cc Honda clone in it and it has been holding up like a champ. That poor motor has had the crap beat out of it and still doesn’t complain. Lifan just makes good engines, in some cases better then the Honda they are shadowing. So this little guy is going to be great in the Pigeon, can’t wait to add some performance parts to the little engine to give it some extra kick. The Karting scene makes everything for these engines, cams, roller rockers, you name it they have it. The GX200 and clones can be built up to 20hp in extreme cases.

Fun fact, Mitsubishi made the engines in the Pigeons run backwards. Did not know this until we started mocking up the Lifan. Check out that awesome sleeve that you cant see that’s holding the clutch on the motor, and the amazing custom live swing arm pivot shaft / drive shaft that Chad created. This thing is going to be sweet! Huge thanks again to Jeff and Chad.

And just to show you what she looks like with her cloths on;