Its 100 degree’s out, time to work on snowmobiles

Its so.. freaking.. hot.. 

So I went off and bought a 1969 SkiDoo Olympique 12/3.

Its was crazy hot at the salvage yard it came from, to the point that I was starting to question my sanity as Kyler and I crawled over all the old parts sleds looking for interesting parts and bits.  I decided on grabing the old Ski Doo for the $100 snowmobile competition that a bunch of us are going to have this winter at some point. Since I couldnt re-use one of my Massey Skiwhiz’s and the old 1965 Foxtrac thats in the barn is missing about a foot of track. The Oly ( Its official name at this point) is pretty salvagable minus the missing seat, froze motor, and rotting track. But It should be an easy fix up and as a bonus, since its a single thumper it will sound like a giant angry chain saw. Already picked up a 71 ‘ Nordic at the scrap yard to steal the track off from. Winter will be fun when it hits this year.

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