Power Supply Monster, Grrr!!


First off, what could be more awesome then putting faces on inanimate objects? Think about it, wouldn’t a toaster look much cooler with some googley eyes on it? Maybe put some┬álittle horrified faces on your bread slices? Okay that could be a little grim, so lets put a face on something that isn’t a bread eating monster. Meet Mr. Powersupply robot guy thing.

So normaly you would throw out a burned out computer power supply, but if your bored, have to much time on your hands, you turn them into little crazy things for no reason what so ever. This guy started life as a 350W Nspire power supply. A couple of pci brackets bent gave him some legs, a harddrive magnet to hold his case bracket mouth on, and a floppy drive motor armature for an eyeball.


The speaker came off an old K-Mart “Spark O Matic” car speaker (I am not making that up). So you bolt all that together throw in a small pcb proto board with a simple audio amp, solder,┬árinse, repeat, lather, and you have a little robot guy that can crank out tunes from any audio source. Hook him to a computer and let him pump out some Nine Inch Nails in only the way a crappy sounding mono speaker can. Or plug your guitar in and you have a lil dude that will rock out with you! How sweet is that?

Rock on!

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