Depressed Drinking Bird

Heres my first shirt design for Woot’s derby. Its not terribly impressive but I didn’t realize the rules only let you have 6 Pantone colors, or that all the colors had to be on separate layers. That last part sucked since I had to disassemble the entire image and rearrange it into spec. For some reason this guy makes me really sad, is eyes just look maniacally depressed. I’m currently in 185th 178th place, so if you have a Woot account, log in and help Mr. Drinking bird get over his depression by voting him to the top!

One thought on “Depressed Drinking Bird

  1. I tried voting for it, but the voting ended at noon today and I was shopping 🙁 I think it is awesome and you would have had a good chance if it didn’t get in so late. Did you see the comment on it in the comment section? Keep on making more. You are very good at it.

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