Clancy Ladybug build

Couldn’t bring myself to get my Lazy Bee flight ready just to have it plow into a barn or something so I built its little sibling. Frame is pretty much done, still have to sort out the gear and the hinges. Waiting to find the total weight of the airframe before I order the motor and all the other electric goodies. Also just got back from seeing Tron Legacy and now I reeaaallly want to get some OL light sheets and do the trim in a glowy light blue Tron style thing, but I’m not sure if this little guy could handle the extra weight of the inverter and OL sheets. Maybe I’ll do something fancy with the covering and some LED’s, who knows.


The Bear Game

Here is something from a ways back, Mr. Bear!

Its the comps from when a couple of my co-workers and me decided to try and make an Xbox 360 XNA game. They were doing the coding side, and I was tearing up the art. So I did some lvl comps, made some flash animations of Mr. Bear running and walking to be used as sprites in the game. But sadly thats as far as we got. I’m not calling the project dead, cause I would still like to get a little flash game out of it, or maybe use the stuff for a kids book or something. Anyways the bears hopeless look makes me smile for some reason, he’s one melancholy bear.