Circuit Bender Box

Heres what my lil controller for upcoming circuit bending projects looks like. Gotta love reusing old PC power supplies, they rule for little project boxes.

It has 2 rows of just normal old throw switches and two Potentiometers that run down into some old parallel ports that I ripped off some old computers. This way you can take an old printer cable, hack it in half, and solder the loose ends into what ever electronic device you want to break bend. So now its just a matter of ripping something open and playing with the wacky sounds.


Tripping out on Teddy Bears


So I know I haven’t posted a lot of stuff up here recently, I think it has to do when I had to get my apendix out back in the middle of last month. So heres the run down of what is on my to do list.

Circuit Bending- Have the switch box made, need to break some toys now

Nerf proximity gun- Have the parts, needs to be built

Aerial Video- Picked up a small camera, need to shove it in something

Got a new bike- Need to write something about that, cause its new and a bike.

And need to get up more pictures/photos

So that gives me a good pile of stuff to sort through. Check back often to see how much of it I completely ignore and end up not posting, its going to be fun 🙂