Dirt 2

This game is awesome. Beyond awesome. I mean, just look at these screenshots that I took! LOOK AT THEM!!

Those are all from the game, not any cut scene or other pre rendered crap. I just can’t describe how freaking beautiful this game is at times. If I had the moneys I would totally buy an Impreza Sti and tear up some real tracks, but since I don’t this game helps bring that dream a little bit closer. If you like racing, rally, etc then you have to get this, its just out of control.


Wiiwaa, Wiiwhat?!

This is the most bizarre game I’ve seen in a while, but it is also the most awesome. Just.. well, just whatch the video and see how awesome this is!

The tune in the video is D.A.N.C.E by Justice. Don’t like the rest of their stuff but that song is cool.